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Sparkle is the web design tool for creating modern sites with unparalleled creative control. Skip the tedium and design a gorgeous site that works right out of the box, with Sparkle. Made for the Mac and operates under the latest OS . . “Yosemite”.


With Sparkle you can . . . . .

• Build web pages in minutes. Test ideas quickly.

• Focus your efforts on content and information.

• Create full sites without HTML/CSS knowledge.

• Quickly iterate on fully functional page designs.

Styled Text - Headings, Subtitles, Body, Captions or Menus

Colored Text - Headings, Subtitles, Body, Captions or Menus

Special Fonts - Headings, Subtitles, Body, etc

Over 350+ Background Images

(This example is using the “Steve Jobs” background)

Photo Images

Photo Images

Also Automatic Photo Slide shows

with arrows & thumbnails

EMBED YouTube videos

into your web site