You may have already - and inadvertently - encountered Mason Bees. My web site is designed with the backyard gardener in mind. If you have a few fruit trees and would like to ensure a good crop, then you need to know about the Mason Bee. This gentle little bee is often mistaken for a garbage fly, just because it sort of looks like one. However, if you see a bluish-black irridescent “fly” on a flower, you can be rest assured that it is possibly a bee.
As you observe how this bee lives, you’ll can why it is given the name of “mason” bee. Much like a mason, this bee constructs walls of mud for sealing each of the larvae cells.

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F.A.Q. will probably answer most of your questions. However, do feel free to email me with any additional questions, comments or your own person experiences with this amazing and industrious pollinator.



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