- After years of saying “I never want to be in a band!”  here we are.  I was looking for an opportunity to do more vocal numbers and to get away from the longggggg, repetitive instrumental numbers as jam sizes grew to sometimes over 20 folk.   I decided I wanted a small hand-picked (not hen-pecked) group.  First we needed a solid upright bass player to anchor the group.  I have observed over the years that you can play without a bass player but it never really sounds the same.  Lucky for us, Gordy was also looking for an opportunity to perform and improve on his playing skills.  With him “signing on” I could move forward to rounding out the group.  There was never a question as to whom I wanted as a banjo player; it had to be Sherian!  Her great personality and ability to touch people with her enthusiasm and wit make her a hit at every performance. (As a bonus, we get her husband, Malcolm, as our sound technician and technical advisor!)

Band Leader

And what can we say about Erv?  He is one big lovable teddy bear and a darn good dobro player too.  He wows the women and fulfills our “equal opportunity employer” quota as our seniorist (is that a real word?) player.  Last but certainly not least is Mari.  When I first heard her sing , I knew we needed her in the band.  She is awesome, both singing solos and in providing great harmonies.  That leaves me with the easy and fun part, playing rhythm guitar and singing vocals.


Our goal is have fun while entertaining others.  We play primarily  for retirement and assisted living centers and our “pay” is the smiles, tears, and applause we receive from those wonderful folk.  Because we all have busy personal schedules, we normally practice and perform on Thursday nights, we do have some flexibility.  We do not want to over commit to the point it no longer becomes “fun”.  But as of now, we are all having a blast.


Hope you get a chance to stop by and see us at one of our performances.  We like encouragement!