Web Software

Sparkle Pro - v2.0.6

GuideLiner - v1.21

Art Text - v2.4.9

ArtRage - v3.5.12

ImageWell - v4.0.7

GraphicConverter - v9.6

Web Hardware

by River SRL

by invers Software

by BeLight Software

by Ambient Design

by XtraLean Software Inc

by LemkeSoft

Used to build the Web, Titles, Buttons, etc.

Used for on-screen layout guidelines and rulers

Used for fancy Text or Icons

Used for drawings, illustrations via digitizing 6” tablet

Used to reduce & crop photos

Used to touch-up photos


MacBook Pro i7 15.4”, 16GB RAM, OS 10.11.2

Nikon Coolpix S8100

Verizon 4GLTE Hotspot Modem

Portable Web building machine

Used to take band photos

Main internet connection in our forest.  No cable or fiber out here.

Instrument:  Internet Tech



Who would ever think I would be putting up a Web Site for a Bluegrass Band.  I have designed computer equipment, written Assembly & C-Language software, received a US Pat. and been involved in the personal computer revolution.  It has been fun to watch the personal computer world from the beginning (1975) to today.  I even designed my own computer music cards (1977) before there was a General MIDI Standard.  My Web design work came in 1999 and I have been involved in 13 Web sites so far.


In support of “Another Shade of Bluegrass” band, I helped setup the PA’s that this band uses.  This band has 5 amplifiers for vocal, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass and dobro sound reenforcement.  Ten volume controls . . . an interesting challenge.


Experience:  28 years as a Senior Circuit Designer in Electronic Engineering.


Interests:  3D CAD, Computer, Web design, Classical Music, Video & Audio, Art.