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We have a 300' x 100' meadow below the house. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to cut this with an electric mower. The northern meadow edge is outlined by a small creek fed by an underground spring. This keeps about half of the field grass moist like a wetland. The creek runs all the way to our pond. Sherian has started a garden in the middle of the meadow with corn, strawberries, peas, spinach, etc.


Our 1/4 acre pond is about 8 feet deep. The pond drains into Gibbons Creek across the road. We have seen deer, ducks, frogs, a great blue heron, nutria, beaver, raccoon, etc. enjoying this wetland.


Being in the woods, we have seen Porcupine, Raccoon, Voles, field mice, Moles, snakes, a Northern Alligator lizard, Robins, Stellar Jay, Hawks, etc. The day doesn't go by without seeing something new crossing our path. We have heard, from our neighbors, there are Coyotes and Bob Cats in this area too.

A 3/4 in Pacific Tree frog

Hooded Merganser ducks

Wooly Bear Tussock caterpillar


White tail deer


To inspect our property lines, we have started clearing out trails up in the hillside forest. There are about 800 feet of trails so far. The forest provides enough cool shade all year round to make the hillside hike worth it.


With a metal detector from an antique store, we found the 2-1/2 inch brass Township marker at the base of a tree at our NE property corner. This is a major claims marker for this area.

DLC Gibbons.


Sherian & I have about 3.3 acres of land and the property line was undefined when we moved in. We have been putting in 4 foot high wire fence around our place. I have been driving in metal Tee-Posts about every 10 feet through the forest. It will be over 1000 feet of fencing when completed.