Pollen: powdery substance (usually yellow) found on male stamen to fertilize the ovaries of a flower.
Pheromone: female bee scent that allows her to mark her territory or nesting site.
Nesting box: a housing unit to provide a space for the bee to complete its metamorphisis.
Nectar: the sweet liquid in a flower that provide energy and food for bees and other insects.
Metamorphosis: the process of transformation from egg to adult bee.

Buzz Words
Mason Bee: A common name for our solitary bee (genus osmia); she derives her name from the fact that she uses mud to seal her cells.
Mandibles: mouth parts used as cutting tools and to create mud pellets
Larva (p. larvae): the 2nd stage of metamorphosis.
Bee bread: a mixture of pollen or honey used as food by the larvae of the bees.


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