1. “Mason Bees for the Backyard Gardener” by Sherian A. Wright
2. “The Orchard Mason Bee” by Brian L. Griffin
3. “Pollination with Mason Bees” by Dr. Margriet Dogsterom
4. “Mason-Bees” by Henry Fabre; copyright 1916
5. “New Biology” by W. M. Smallwood, Ida L. Reveley & Guy A. Bailey; c. 1924

        This is a northwest store with products from Knox Cellars’, Bee Diverse and Sawdusters (Todd Kapral); these products include solitary bee houses, straws and liners. They are a source for purchasing mason bees (cocoon vials or straws) in December, January and February, depending on supply and demand. It is always best to purchase as early as possible.

BeeDiverse Products:
        This is a Canadian-based company headed up by Dr. Margriet Dogsterom (author of “Pollination with Mason Bees”); they provide various Mason Bee supplies and cocoons. Their specialty is stackable plastic-type tray units that are easy to clean for cocoon harvesting. They also have wooden trays, observation kits as well as kid activity kits.
This is an all-encompassing website that is centered around the mason bee and supplies a great product line for all levels of mason bee “keepers.” By subscribing to “Bee-Mail”, you will receive information appropriate for the month. This is a good bee-mentor site!
        This company was started by Brian Griffin (author of ”The Orchard Mason Bee”). He has since “retired” but his family continues the tradition of providing solitary bee supplies. I have seen their supplies available for purchase at our local northwest nurseries and bird shops.