Instrument:  Double Bass


Musical Background:

My music career started in kindergarten in Chicago taking piano lessons at the American Conservatory of Music.. No, seriously! Father was a music teacher. Played trombone in junior high and sounded like a fog horn (but good experience for playing bass later) 30-yr layoff in playing music Harmonies experience in school choirs, church choirs, quartet, all-city choirs, “Misty River’s” Harmony Workshop. First inspiration to get back into music was the Ridgefield Liberty Theater “Teenth Friday” open mic nights 2003.  I had to get back into music somehow. Heard “Misty River” at the Liberty’s first paid concert after renovation, I zeroed in on the bass thru the whole thing.  It was calling me. Bought electric bass guitar, took lessons from Tim Gilson (Mel Brown’s Band of Renown) and found I could still read music.  Practiced to Misty River CD’s, then all kinds of CD’s.  Wanted to play with a band or at least other musicians. So attended Liberty Theater-sponsored Darrell Johnson/Tim Dawdy “Bluegrass Workshops” with my electric, played in 3 of the 5 “Student Bluegrass bands”.  Instruction & inspiration from Darrell, Rich Powell, George Chudakoff, Carol Harley, Chris Kokesh. Inspired by Carol Harley (Misty River) to buy upright bass & play bluegrass (she saw my potential and helped me find bass). Lessons and inspiration from Laura Quigley, bassist for “Misty River” and her horse Buck (he has an old bluegrass soul).


Experience:  About 5 years.


First gig:  Maupin, OR outdoor backyard bluegrass concert

        East Fork Cellars Winery bluegrass jams 2 years

        Bluegrass jams around Clark County

        Maupin Bruce’s concert for senior center in Portland


Interests:  Flying air photos, Certified Mediator, natural resources conservation consultant, grandkids activities, hiking.


Born:     Vancouver WA, and currently live in Ridgefield WA